Book Review: 1960s Austin Gangsters

Jesse Sublett:

From Scott Montgomery, old school bookseller at BookPeople.

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1960s Austin Gangsters: Organized Crime That Rocked the Capital by Jesse Sublett     (Event 3/23/15)

Austin prides itself on individuality. We are both counter-culture and cowboy, known for our own takes on music and food. As Jesse Sublett shows in 1960s Austin Gangsters, even our criminals keep it weird. Sublett chronicles the Overton Gang. They were formed around high school football star Tim Overton, who held a grudge against UT coach Darrell Royal for stopping his chances at being a Longhorn. With fellow football player “Fat Jerry” Ray James, he lead a gang of travelling criminals who burglarized banks and muscled in on vice operations all around Texas, using the new highway system to their advantage, with the Capitol as their base of operations. They were bad men in Elvis haircuts and shark fin Caddies, committing felonies at a rock n’ roll pace.

When it came to Austin history, they…

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Go there for Jesse’s blog: Jesse Sublett’s Little Black Book. Jesse writes nonfiction and fiction, books, screenplays, continuing education, stage plays, essays, online content, ghost written books, magazine features, and more. He’s written hundreds of songs. His writing has been featured in New York Times, Texas Monthly, Texas Observer, Austin Chronicle, and elsewhere. He was the founder of The Skunks, the author of the first private detective series set in Austin, Texas.

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